Providing Pet Owners with Piece of Mind While They're Away


Sawgrass Kennels is a relaxing cat and dog boarding facility that provides your pet with a get away of their own when you need to leave town. Our beautiful countryside location is less than 3 miles north of Decatur, Illinois, offering clean air and lots of space for playing catch!

Our dedicated staff strives to provide the love, care, and attention that your furry friend receives at home, ensuring that both of your vacations are worry and stress free.

Sawgrass Kennels can’t wait to meet you and your pet, call today at (217) 877-3647 to book a boarding time!


  • One-On-One Playtime
  • Individual Walking
  • Specialty Brushing
  • Specialty Playtime Requests Available


  • Premium & High-Quality Pet Food Available
  • Bringing Your Own Food is Recommended
  • Taste Temping Dinners for Picky Eaters
  • Accommodates All Specialty Diets
  • Bring Their Favorite Treats from Home


  • Custom Bathing Options Available
  • Flee Treatment Baths
  • Courtesy Bathing After 7 Days
  • Accommodates Specialty Skin & Fur Treatment

Required Vaccinations

  • Rabies Vaccines for Cats & Dogs
  • Distemper Combo Shots for Canines
  • Feline Pneumonitis for Kittens & Cats

What to Expect

adorable dog in decatur illinois


To check our availability or schedule a booking, call our facility at (217) 877-3647 to speak with an employee. Our booking process is quick and easy for complete piece of mind in housing your pet.


Our entire facility is scrubbed, cleaned, and sanitized daily. Using pet safe cleaning solutions, Sawgrass Kennels ensures a spotless temporary home for your pet while you’re away.


Attention to detail is crucial for your pet’s everyday well-being. Specialized dietary needs or medications will be accommodated and treated with the highest of importance.