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7681 Oakland Ave, Decatur, IL 62526

(217) 877-DOGS (3647)


All runs are equipped with central heat and air conditioning. Each pet has an individual indoor-outdoor run. Gates leading to the individual outdoor runs are operated by the staff. We control your pet’s outdoor activities according to the weather and your pet’s needs.

Our live-in resident checks on each pet at bedtime and lets the pets outside one last time before lights out. At bedtime, each pet is given a treat.

Runs are equipped with resting benches. You are welcome to bring a favorite rug or blanket to make your pet more comfortable.

Cats are provided with individual cages and litter boxes. You are encouraged to bring a rug or blanket to make them more comfortable. The cat room is located near the office area away from the canine area.

Individual runs and resting benches are sprayed for fleas after disinfecting.

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Sawgrass provides Hill’s Science Diet pet food products. Hill’s Science Diet is a premium pet food and has proven to satisfy most of our pets. We will provide taste tempting dinners, if needed, for finicky eaters and you are welcome to bring special treats or diets for your pet.


Dogs that have boarded with us for 7 days or longer are given a courtesy bath. Custom bathing is available at a charge to you according to size and coat condition of your pet. Any pet entering the kennel with fleas will be bathed and flea sprayed for a fee.

All pets must have current vaccinations. We do ask that you bring verification from your veterinarian.

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Playtime is offered on a daily basis. Pets receive individual attention while being walked, brushed, or played with by a staff member. This service is available upon request for a fee

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• Rabies

• Distemper

• Feline Pneumonitis


• Rabies

• Distemper

• Hepatitis

• Leptospirosis

• Parainfluenza

• Parvo Virus

• Bordetella

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